Ray Tranchant: Victim

While it was his teenage daughter, Tessa, that was killed by a 22-year-old drunk illegal alien driver, Ray Tranchant is also a victim.

Candidly and personally, he writes about going to the hospital and seeing Tessa, and Ali Kunhardt (her 17-year-old buddy who was also in the accident) deceased.

"When I got to the hospital in what seemed like a dream sequence, Tessa’s bed was lying next to Ali’s, separated by a privacy curtain. Both girls were perfectly still, skin cold to the touch.

Tess was covered with a hospital blanket, and her clothes lay in a bag by her bedside, cut off by the EMT and the ER doctor who tried to revive her, to no avail. I looked at her large brown eyes, pupils dilated, eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling. She still had a mask taped to her mouth with a long rubber tube. The center of the tube was filled with bright red blood. Amazingly, she had only a little bruise on her forehead, and her big toe was bleeding. I noticed that she had had a couple of her nails done with glitter, probably had just enough money to do two. She worked at the Golden Corral; Ali worked at The Fresh Market."

Please read the entire essay, as Mr. Tranchant does not shy away from making several salient political arguments.

In the photo: Ray Tranchant at Tessa's grave

Update: A Q&A with Ray.

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