Selective Amnesty & Irreparable Damage

This illegal boracho* sure didn't come here to work those mythical jobs Americans won't do.

The Washington Times reports: "The Virginia man suspected in a drunken-driving crash that killed a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant and repeat offender who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday."

'Repeat offender' as in arrested two previous times while driving while intoxicated.

This is sick in so many ways, and it's certainly a prime example of what occurs when 'government becomes our enemy,' to paraphrase Sheriff Babeu. In addition to Sister Denise Mosier (in the photo) being killed, two other nuns were injured. Bishop Loverde's statement about the Sister. RIP.

*drunk male

Hat tip: Ana Santana

Update: Sorry, but I think some of these nuns are doing the politicizing.


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