The Magic Espresso Book Machine

It's not what you think: See Tom Woods' lively column about the economic realities involved with (conventional) non-fiction publishing. But he doesn't mention self-publishing or the miracle of on-demand publishing.

Behold the Espresso Book Machine at the Shapiro Libary at the University of Michigan (which is located right by the place that sells frou-frou coffees)!

Earlier this week, I had a chance to see it - up close and personal - and chat with the machine's 'caretaker.' This is a wonderful, fast way to publish if a) the author wants a small run; and b) if the author wants to completely bypass the middlemen typically involved in creating a book; and c) if the author is in a hurry. (It takes 2 hours to convert the PDF file into a paperback.)

Jeff Marshall is the inventor of this marvel (pictured below).

Update: Today's Wall Street Journal has an article about digital printers and mentions the Espresso which retails for about $100,000.

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