Bold Move or Political Folly?

Former congressman Tom Tancredo, who has been a longtime opponent of comprehensive immigration reform, is running for governor in Colorado on the Constitution Party ticket! And Tancredo's dog is already part of the campaign. Woof.

The Republican establishment, as well as several Tea Party leaders, aren't enthused about Tom's decision to go third party. More about that here.

BTW: What's with candidates campaigning with pets and children, ad nauseam? I thought this fella, running for lite gov. in Oklahoma, got carried away having his two kids hawk his credentials.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see what kind of support and money Tancredo's bold decision generates. The CP is pretty excited about having such a high-profile politician make the switch. Will it last? Or, will Tancredo's commitment to the Constitution Party be as short-lived as Pat Buchanan's flirtation with the Reform Party?

FYI: Here's a column I wrote about Chuck Baldwin two years ago. He was the Constitution Party's presidential nominee, and he's still committed to this Third Wave, if you will, of alternative conservative movements.

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