Youth Revealed, Maybe

You'd think the members of the Harvard baseball team would be too hoity-toity to post something like this on YouTube.

Set to the tune of the catchy Call Me, Maybe, sung by Carly Rae Jepsen, the road trip video went viral. It also inspired many knockoffs - from other college sports teams, military personnel abroad, and even the U.S. swimming team.

Ah, youth.


Allan Wall said...

Clever, understated, simple, yes, it's catchy. And the Harvard baseball team, no less! And they're about the age of your sons, aren't they?

TCC said...

My sons are in their late 20s - one in grad school, one married. These chaps are likely younger.

I was surprised at how nimbly all these ivy league jocks concealed themselves.

Allan Wall said...

OK, you're sons are a little older, I'd lost track of their approximate ages! How time flies!

TCC said...

Allan, your sons will be college-age before you know it!