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A prediction just for the fun of it, since Gen. Petraeus is the news at today's Drudge Report: Mr. Romney will pick Senator Rob Portman as his vice-president. Not only is he not a firebrand (translation: won't outshine Mitt & won't frighten the GOP establishment), he is also from the battleground state of Ohio. Portman is also something of a serious squish when it comes to immigration reform (translation: won't scare those mythical middle-of-the-road Latinos the Republicanos are eagerly trying to woo).

The BuzzFeed explains.

A past Portman ad where he's speaking to Latinos.

Now here's what would have fired up the corporate media and the younger voters and the non-establishment conservatives: If Romney had the guts and the belief system to go big, and pick this maverick as his veep.

Or, even this congressman.

Either one of those dudes debating that dopey Joe Biden - priceless.

Oh, well ... enjoy your nap ... Portman = Zzzzzzz.


Allan Wall said...

Mitt picking Ron Paul or Allen West. Just imagine. Picking either one would be much better than to pick Condi or Rubio or Portman.

TCC said...

The Doc or the Lt. Col. would excite many (who are ho hum about Mitt) and would ignite a much-needed debate.

Even though they aren't especially conservative, I think Condi or Rubio would upstage the Mittster.

Dr. Ed said...

Alan West would be the IDEAL pick -- I have met him personally and he is incredibly bright and level-headed -- and would be the ideal personality complement to Romney in that West could respond with the one-liner that Romney never-ever will.

West grew up poor, and Black, in inner-city Atlanta when segregation was very much still around. He cites Kant & Machavelli in speeches, and he routinely excites crowds in a way that Romney never has.

Romney has trouble dealing with hecklers -- actually panics when any get through to him. West I think enjoys tangling with them, he is not a bully and is reasonable to reasonable persons presenting arguments that he disagrees with -- but those who attack him don't do well.

Allen West would be the pit bull that Romney needs to go after Team Obama -- West is bright enough not to say something stupid like the asinine "Romneycare" reply that came from Mitt's people, and he is also a *real* Black man who grew up in America, not a part-Black party-boy who grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia.

Romney has sons - West has two teenaged daughters and very much speaks as a parent concerned about young women. And his wife is an immigrant from Jamaica which addresses that issue too.

It won't ever happen, but how I would dearly love to see a Romney/West ticket....