What He Did on His Summer Vacation

Mexico is home to some important archaeological sites.

Here's Allan Wall and his family at one of them. Doing the turista thing.

BTW: Before she became Mrs. Wall - Lilia - taught science in Mexico.

David is 13, and Raphael is 9. Allan is, like, really old.


Allan Wall said...

LOL! "Allan is, like, really old." That's one way to put it! At least you can say I'm not quite as old as the archaeological site we're visiting!

TCC said...

No, not that old. Nor as old as a dinosaur like yours truly.

I visited similar ruins in Mexico, also a child on a family vacay, and I have fond memories of the trip.

TCC said...

Oops, insert 'as' in there

Allan Wall said...

Yes, a good childhood vacation is something one can remember fondly for decades.