Response to Romney's Job Creation Plan

The smart Bob Adelmann has penned a very good column exposing the puffery (my word, not Bob's) behind Mitt Romney's claim (last night) that his administration will create 12 million jobs.

He writes, "His five-point plan consists of attaining energy independence by the year 2020, strengthening the educational system, forging new trade agreements with foreign countries, cutting the deficit with the ultimate goal of balancing the budget, helping small businesses, and repealing ObamaCare. With the possible exception of 'helping small businesses' — whatever that means — nothing in his plan addresses the issue of job creation.

The key issue isn’t job creation but wealth creation. Nothing in his platform talks about making it easier for employers to create more value by making it easier for them to make profits."

Read the whole thing here.

In the photo: Bob A.


Allan Wall said...

How about an immigration moratorium, for starters?
How is importing a million legal immigrants (and who knows how many illegals)a year helping? Since neither party wants to do that, how can either party be serious about job creation?

TCC said...


Unfortunately, they are only serious about growing government and importing cheap labor, then they are about job/wealth creation.

However, we still need to do our part and, at least, call them out when they incessantly play the 'immigrant' card, and they never explain to the American voters how so many modern immigrants are on some kind of federal assistance.

As they say, it's not your grandfather's immigration.

Kenneth said...

Adelmann is an able advocate for policies that would allow real businesses to efficiently provide real goods and services. How old fashioned is that?

The Republicans are entirely on board with the globalist agenda where wealth is created by financial legerdemain and looting the rubes. They may throw the mob a few populist bones when it is election time, but those are merely convenient lies.