Refreshing: Gold Medal Winner Not Chasing Gold

An article about why America's current favorite female swimming sensation - Missy Franklin - has elected to remain an amateur and not go pro.

Miss Missy, who unlike the gross Ryan Lochte knows how to be gracious, has also elected to finish her senior year at the Jesuit high school she attends in Colorado.

In this interview, 'Pool Girl' explains how she's been preparing for the Olympics for the past ten years. Chlorine City!

Update: This story describes some of the sacrifices Missy's parents have made (like regularly awakening at 4 am to drive her to the pool), so she could become a world-class champion.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful for someone that young, talented, and hard-working to be the infectiously happy representative of America's youth today. Quite the reverse of the sort that's usually enshrined as popular by the mainstream media and Hollywood.

TCC said...

Yes, yes, yes!

That surly woman-child from the Twilight series - Kristen Stewart - comes to mind as Missy's opposite.