Algebra: Does the Brain Good

(Idaho Ann passed along several links to articles about algebra, hence this post.)

Is this the type of problem that mathphobes fear?

And do they lead to this op ed in the New York Times titled, Is Algebra Necessary?

Two rebuttals. One found in the WaPo: Yes, Algebra Is Necessary.

The other from a Scientific American writer: Abandoning Algebra Is Not the Answer

Evelyn Lamb, one of the pro writers, made a pertinent, obvious point: "Math certainly is incomprehensible to many students, but from where I sit, poor teaching is often the reason."

Being married to an old-school, yet fun-loving math teacher, I know what miracles a committed educator can work with mathphobes and slackers. From what I've gathered (by osmosis), one of the secrets to cracking the algebra code is practice, practice, practice, and seeing many types problems worked out on whiteboards (or scrap paper) over and over.

Any other thoughts?

Ticket to success update: High-paying, high-prestige jobs that require algebra knowhow.

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