Fests & High Temp. Was 77 degrees (Or, How Others Get inspired)

These photos I snapped have no rhyme or reason. They are from yesterday's outing to the Charlevoix Venetian Festival and the Fiber Arts Festival at the Castle Farms, also in Charlevoix, MI.

Le rabbit is a French Angora. The alpaca es suramericano.

The needlework is part of a felt exhibit dubbed a "Fairyland Village" made entirely by Janine Gibeau and her young grandchild. That's "Harry" in front of his garden patch.

The fancy boats are typical of Charlevoix's small port where working boats are nonexistent, if that tells you anything.

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Wet Dr. Ed said...

Amherst got rain. LOTS of rain - too much actually on the parched soil.
And is 74 degrees at dawn -- I blame all the natural gas that BP lost in the gulf 2 years ago and not the CO2, though...