Sat. Sighting: Mitchell St. Pub & Cafe Floor

Last night our friend, Dr. Wayne, took the Ironman and me to one of Petoskey's most famed watering holes.

Although we're not consumers of adult beverages, we thoroughly enjoyed the decor/ambiance (antiques, dim lighting), the nachos, the service, and the opportunity to fling peanut shells on the wood floor.

The Pub's Old-Timey Jukebox


Kenneth said...

You probably feel as out of place in a pub as I do in steak house ;-)
Looks like a fun place though.

TCC said...

Are there vegan pubs, Ken?

Kenneth said...

Well, in Northampton they do occasionally have Vegan Happy Hour at one dining/drinking establishment. But, I think that is more for eligible singles than married, semi-geezers like me. There also used to be vegan restaurant with liquor license. As you know, Northampton is a world unto itself.

Innpacked said...

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