Jennifer Nichols: Right on Target

Jennifer Nichols, age 28 and a resident of Wyoming, will soon be competing in her third Olympics.

She is a world-class archer and a serious Christian who has creatively managed to combine both worlds.

Here's what she told USA Today: "I shoot anywhere from 140-250 arrows per day, and that takes 3-6 hours. You have to train your fingers to release the strength in a particular way that is very strong but very relaxed.

I memorize a lot of scripture to recite while I'm shooting. I carry a little book in my quiver that has Bible verses that I memorize as I'm walking back and forth to the target. And sometimes I'll recite them while I'm on the line shooting. It plays a large part."

Ms. Nichols is getting married in September, and here's a story about her commitment to a chaste single life.

This, by the way, is an enormously refreshingly contrast to the indiscreet comments by Hope Solo, the soccer goalie (and Olympic gold medalist) who a) sorely lacks moral self control and b) is a terrible role model for young female athletes.

In the photo: Jennifer the archer who says she only hits targets, not critters.


Melanie said...

Impressive! A disciplined young lady on many fronts.

TCC said...

I agree! And she's going to school
in Texas, Mel.

Anonymous said...

Are we all so quick to forget the Word of God? Hope Solo needs the love of Jesus....not the glaring condemnation of so called Christian virtue.