Dr. Ed said...

Izzy, my strong suspicion is that the university pushed him over the edge. I am thinking just like the Gabby Giffords incident, these Behavioral Intervention Teams push kids over the edge, kick them out of school (and hence disconnect them from their support networks) and let them loose on society, with not unexpected consequences.

TCC said...

I don't know about that, Ed. Rush was saying that Holmes received a huge grant ($26,000) from liberal academia, and there is speculation he used that cash to buy the ammo. So, if that's true, they are the enablers, in a sense.

The only person that saw the red flags with this deadly man-child was the gun club fellow.

Dr. Ed said...

The same story Rush was talking about -- http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/07/24/james-holmes-received-26k-grant-from-bethesda-based-national-institutes-of-health/
has a chilling line at the end --- “To the best of our knowledge at this point, we think we did everything that we should have done,” Donald Elliman, the university chancellor.

This, of course, raises the question of what on earth it was that they did do. And that, Izzy, is my point -- I have a pretty good suspicion of what it was and that is why I am saying they are responsible.

I don't think this DA is going to quietly accept an insanity plea, and what I suspect will come out if there is a contested hearing on that. If I am right.

Dr. Ed said...

0h one other thing Izzy -- it was $26K cash to him in addition to his out-of-state tuition to UC and other expenses.

His "stipend" -- his salary for being a student -- was $26K. And only leftists get this, usually politically connected leftists.