Underdog v. Frontrunner: Tale of Two Bros

TCC DVD review: For a movie which showcases intense MMA fighting scenes, Warrior is also a poignant family film about a trio of alpha males (a physics teacher, a recovering alcoholic, and a troubled Marine) from blue-collar Pennsylvania.

This plot centers around how this trio - a dad and his two sons - are estranged from one other. But, oddly, it's not a depresssing watch.

For despite the angst and anger, the movie's message is crystal clear: Family remains the great laboratory and institution to practice sacrifice, reconciliation, and unconditional love ... although, in Warrior, one will be pummeled trying to do so. :)

If you don't get too fidgety watching the fight scene below, you can handle the other in-the-ring encounters there's no dearth of in this flick. What is, perhaps, more draining, is the emotional, engaging ride the principal actors (Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, and Joel Edgerton) take the viewer on, as they battle inner demons, with and without the boxing gloves.

Caveat: There are a smattering of shady moments (not appropriate for
youngsters) that could have been tweaked and made the movie even more family friendly.

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