Entry-Level Bird Watching

There are many birds hanging around the unfettered landscapes near our home, so a former co-worker gifted our family with this guide:The charming book is filled with beautiful photography and easy-to-digest information.

I have now learned that the indigo birds, with the red-orange shoulder markings, who sing with abandon at the nearby marsh, are male red-winged blackbirds.

Wonder if that's how the Detroit Red Wings got their name?

Update: Digital tools for the nation's 50 million bird watchers. (H/T Dr. W.)


Anonymous said...

Can't see you bird watching izzy!!

TCC said...

Not even casually?

Kenneth said...

Feeding birds (in the wrong season) may become against the law here in Massachusetts' Happy Valley. More towns are pondering ordinances against feeding bears and, of course, the bears regard bird food as bear food once they come out of hibernation. There seems to some foolish people who intentionally feed bears in their backyards.

TCC said...

I take it there's not much bear hunting in western Mass? (Unlike northern Michigan)

Kenneth said...

There is a bear hunting season in the fall in Massachusetts. I know baiting isn't permitted, most bears are taken from stands rather than stalking. In the 1970s there were only few hundred bears in Massachusetts, now there are thousands and hence more human-bear conflicts.