Good Friday: Remembering the Cross

I've participated in Stations of the Cross with Catholics and a crosswalk with Protestants. Both were meaningful Good Friday exercises, but while the stations were in a church building, it was a solitary, contemplative endeavor. The crosswalk was conducted through downtown Amherst, MA with Mercyhouse church members. A community endeavor, as gals and guys took turns carrying a large wooden cross and reading Scriptures, but it was also very much a contemplative exercise.

Christianity is best lived out in private and in public. Such a wonderful paradox.

In the photo: Crosswalk through Amherst


Melanie said...

Just participated in this for the 13th time on Friday. Shouts of "Go back to Nazareth!" or "That's not even real!" were familiar and thankfully contrasted with the few who crossed themselves and bowed their head to pray as we passed. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, friend.

TCC said...

Aw, Mel, how tacky but how expected, no? No doubt made the experience more memorable.

I took the liberty of posting this wonderful photo, btw, as I assumed the great folks associated with Mercyhouse wouldn't mind. :>)

My Easter was spent as a shut-in (taking care of lil' Wid who is recuperating from ACL surgery).