Rodent Owner Wants Her Day in Court

What sort of a lawyer would get involved in this frivolous lawsuit? If Kendra, who is no teenager, is this dependent on her pet, why didn't she just stay at home and take online classes? It can be done. It has been done.

The gist: "A student is suing a Michigan university for the right to keep a guinea pig on campus for emotional support.

Kendra Velzen says Grand Valley State University is violating federal housing rules by denying her request. The 28-year-old from Grand Rapids says her guinea pig, named Blanca, helps her cope with physical and emotional challenges."

What if dorm life proves too stressful for Blanca? Who will, then, speak for this guinea pig?


Kenneth said...

As a long, long ago graduate of GVSU (it was Grand Valley State Colleges back then) I am bemused. I never lived on campus and cannot speak from direct experience, but I don't think 28-year olds normally live on campus.

Kendra sounds like someone with "issues", as they say today.

TCC said...

Yet she had the wherewithal to contact a lawyer (?). Sounds very spoiled.

TCC said...

I like the main GVSU campus and its picturesque suburban location. However, their health sciences bldg is located in downtown Grand Rapids. No dorms there. You would probably be amazed at how much it has grown since you went to school there.

Ed said...

This is the problem with the ADA -- those who simply (quietly) ask for a little bit of help get none, while those who are outrageous get everything. I am surprised she isn't demanding something like a horse as her "companion animal."

Seriously, you know all those little dogs that women are bringing into stores and such -- they are "companion animals" under the law that lets the blind have guide dogs. I am not making this up.

TCC said...

Yeah, folks bring those little dogs to work also. I enjoy furry and feathery critters as much as the next American but, unless they are a service animal, they need to stay at home.