Groveling on YouTube: Isn't that for the hoipolloi?

The HuffPo reports: "New York Times staffers have put out a new video speaking out against the ongoing contract negotiations with the paper's management — particularly proposed changes to their pension plans.

The Times and the paper's union have been engaged in a contentious battle over the terms of a new contract for over a year. The tension between the two sides has heated up in recent months, with staffers openly protesting the negotiations outside a Page One meeting in February.

One of the main sticking points has been the paper's call to freeze the Guild pension plan. A new video, uploaded by the Youtube channel saveourtimes, features employees blasting the proposed change. A memo announcing the video was distributed on Wednesday.

The video is striking for the clear depth of the anger at Times management.

Several staffers said that that the specific term was a deep sign of the paper's 'disrespect' for its employees. They cited the drastic differences in the annual amount they would receive under the current plan versus one without a pension. Some spoke about being forced to go on food stamps or live on cat food."

Say what? Watch the video of the disgruntled staffers, and decide for yourself if any of these smug New Yorkers would get desperate enough to chow down on Purina.


Kenneth said...

So funny. Defined pension plans have largely disappeared in the dreaded private sector. Hardly anyone, outside of government, gets these cushy pensions anymore. I have zero sympathy for these whining libs. If they think their value is being denigrated by the Times, let them go elsewhere.

Indeed, I hope the NY Times goes bankrupt and that this issue becomes moot.

TCC said...

Maybe the vid would have been more effective in Spanish given that Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, owns a stake in this statist rag.