Liberty Classroom: High Quality Curriculum

Tom Woods, the widely published author, dropped me a note about his new endeavor, Liberty Classroom.

The site's motto is "Knowledge is your best weapon in the struggle for liberty. Arm yourself."

LC offers several courses taught by Tom, Kevin Gutzman, and other intellectual heavyweights. The current courses offered are U.S. History and Western Civilization. A course on free-market economics will be added in the near future.

I asked Tom (pictured, right) how much it costs to join. His response: "It's $99 for everything on the site, which is something like 140 lectures, plus the ability to ask questions of the faculty, participate in the live streaming sessions we'll have once a month, etc. It's a steal compared to any other online learning environment I've seen."

Imagine if government schools incorporated these high-quality lectures in their civic and social studies classes. Wow. Just, wow.


Anonymous said...

Would it last though? with graduation rates as bad as 50% in some schools I can't imagine the students would even understand these concepts. The U.S. History course would never get through. Even at the collegiate level it's all biased towards an agenda.

TCC said...

No, of course not, given Mr. Woods, et. al, historically-accurate POV. But a girl can dream that this kind of material could have been made available to all students instead of the PC shlock the g-schools churn out.

Kenneth said...

Looks very interesting. I wish them well. This is a much needed service.

TCC said...

It is!

Anonymous said...

Spartan Dad says: I hope Dr. Woods has many takers for this exciting educational alternative.