Mike Pearson: A Real-Life Public Servant

At first glance, Rep. Jason Murphey's vignette, about a stretch of roadway in Logan County (OK), may make your eyes glaze over. But keep reading.

Here's Jason: "... county and city officials recently applied pavement marking upgrades to Prairie Grove Road from Division east to Pine in Guthrie.

Not long ago the city and county once again worked together to apply safety markings to the entire mile section of roadway. These safety markings make a big difference in allowing drivers to drive safely in low-light and bad weather conditions.

Few probably realize the impetus for this important safety improvement was a personal donation from Logan County District 2 Commissioner Mike Pearson. Pearson campaigned for office on a platform of not only voting against self-imposed raises but also pledging to donate an amount equal to the previous raise voted in by the Commissioners. Prior to his election the Commission had approved more than one significant increase in pay for themselves.

Because of his pledge, Pearson has donated several thousand dollars each year from his paycheck and has applied the money towards upgrading or maintaining District 2 roadway."

Very classy.

In the photo: Commish Pearson (wearing the long-sleeve shirt) confabs with Oklahoma transportation officials.

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