Will North Dakotans Ax the Hated Property Tax?

My latest column
, at the Belgrade News, begins like this: "We Americans view our homes as our castles, but it’s easy to feel like a serf, instead of a lord or lady of the manor, when we regularly are forced to pay ‘rent’ to the government for our abodes (even when we have no mortgage) in the form of a property tax.

The great state of North Dakota is poised to right that wrong.

This coming June, residents will have the opportunity to vote on a primary ballot measure that, if approved by voters, would eliminate local property taxes, retroactive on Jan. 1, 2012. They would be the first state in the nation to do so."

Charlene Nelson, a heroic homeschooling mom of three, is the force of nature who helped organized this ballot effort and is also the spokesperson for Empower the Taxpayer. Here's her blog (which features the Monopoly game guy).

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