"El Comandante" - Mascot for Liberals

Available from Che Mart. (Caveat: Some of the material is spot on, some too naughty for my taste.)

From Humberto Fontova's exposé on Ernesto: "Fidel Castro's henchman whose face adorns hipsters' T-shirts, posters, and ad campaigns - are based on a murderous communist regime's outright lies."

Even at small and remote North Central Michigan College, I've spotted stickers of his militant mug on a professorette's door. Ugh.


Ed said...

I hate to say this Izzy, but Higher Education is an unmitigated disaster which I fear has gone the way of the railroads -- it is a dead industry and the people in it just don't know that yet.

Kenneth said...

I, too, have noted that many faculty adorn their doors with posters, stickers, cartoons, etc identifying their over the top leftism.

Fine by me, makes it so easy to identify those most in need of "rehabilitation" ;-)