Disrespectful to Sister Denise's* Memory

Yesterday the Des Moines Register reported about an unusual campaign spearheaded by nuns. The gist: "Catholic sisters from ten religious communities in Iowa and neighboring states will kick off a campaign on Monday that ties the words of Jesus to a more open view on immigration.

Media for the campaign will come in the form of posters and billboards across the state featuring a Bible verse, or at least a modern take on one."

The story also explains that the campaign is a “ 'direct response' to Secure Communities, a deportation program coordinated at local, state and federal levels that enlists law enforcement officials in identifying and removing illegal immigrants."

Sample of the Sisters propaganda:

This slick pseudo-spiritual campaign is flat-out dishonest. First, of all the United States does welcome immigrants. In fact, we are the most welcoming and generous country in the world when it comes to reaching out (and providing unconstitutional funds) to foreign nations and the foreign born.

Second, 'stranger' isn't the same as 'criminal illegal alien.' The Ten Commandments commands folks to not steal. Breaking and entering into another country, without going through the appropriate channels, is a form of theft.

Third, it's wrong to politicize and manipulate Jesus' words.

Whatever happened to nuns being known for their good deeds, as opposed to championing anarchy?

*Sister Denise Mosier was killed by an illegal in an automobile accident.


Victrix said...

Oh, if these nuns would only show as much interest and become pro-active in the fight for real social justice -- the right to life of the unborn, created through the will of God.

The Church's true social justice policy is not a political or social theory or ideology. It unites faith with reason within the traditional teachings of Jesus Christ and his Church. It should never be a byproduct of a cultural trend or an emotionally-based response.

Faith can never contradict or reject reason. Therefore, any social justice policy must support the right of the state -- nation, country, etc. -- to control illegal immigration. A nation has a right to establish borders to protect its citizens and its sovereignty. It has the right to not overly-burden its legal citizens with cumbersome and unfair taxes to support non-citizens with health care and education.

Christ never took possessions or money from one by force to give to another. That's not social justice; that's socialism.

Get with the right program here, sisters, and stop all the bleeding heart nonsense.

TCC said...

Victrix, thanks for sharing your thoughts!