Santa, Please Bring This Man a Tundra

Move over, Bruce Willis! Make room for Wid Lyman.

(The Ironman, also known as The Count, appears in the beginning of this Toyota commercial for the Fernelius dealership of Cheboygan, MI.)


Kenneth said...

I'm sure Dr. Wid was there to check out the hybrids. ;-)

Anonymous said...

When the eyes close and the head shakes you can tell the deal is going south. Wid's appearance must be worth at leat another 2 grand dis"count"! I just know the count will get a Tundra for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

SpartanDad says ... He doesn't look like a hybrid kinda guy; probably a Tundra guy ... with the Rock Warrior package. Hopefully, Dr. Santa got the email in time to make delivery by Christmas. (The internet isn't very fast up here in northern MI!)