Fri. Fun: The Lady Gaga of Poli Sci Profs

The bellicose young woman in the video below, who specializes in Twaddle 101, is an Occidental College academic. Her name is Caroline Heldman, and, among other things, thinks voter fraud is not a problem and doesn't have much use for the Tenth Amendment. Dr. Heldman ardently opposes state laws which require photo IDs to vote because "some poor people can't get an ID card and 11% of the American public doesn't have it."

This blogger put together a state-by-state list of what such state IDs cost. Spoiler alert: Affordable they are ... even for so-called poor people.

If you watch, be prepared to cover your ears.


Ed said...

Hey, lets just accept an EBT as an ID -- we KNOW that the poor can come by one of those easy enough, at least in Taxachusetts, and we really ought to have pictures on them anyway.

Izzy -- I trust you heard about the bust in Lynn a while back -- the little grocery quickstop was doing twice the business of the supermarket next door, which actually managed to get the attention of the Deval Patric admin....

TCC said...

I didn't catch the news about the grocery store bust.