Of White Wedding Zinnias & Goldetti Squash

Yesterday the mailperson brought the 2012 Burpee catalog to our box. It contains ooohh and aahhh quality photos of flowers, veggies, and fruits.

It's way too early, for me, to think about outdoor gardening, given the 'hardiness zone' I live in, but it may not be too early for you, if you live in, like, Florida.

However, with the right window or with grow lamps, indoor container gardening is doable all-year round. Since the fall, I've been successfully growing violas on a south windowsill. They are even blooming, even though the weather is brrrrr.

The pretty catalog is also available online if you want to peek at all the varieties of sunflowers or tomatoes pictured, or chuckle at the creative names Burpee's marketing department dreams up for the seed packets.

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