Wisconsin's 7th District Has a Contenda

Sean Duffy, a district attorney and ESPN commentator, is running for Congress (David Obey's seat) in America's heartland.

Here's his website.

Sean, and his attractive Cuban-American wife, Rachel, are reality television show alums and the parents of five children. (Rachel is expecting numero 6.)

I asked Sean what his position on immigration is. His response: "We must secure our borders. We should build a wall and and use technology to accomplish this goal. As for those who have come here illegally, they should be sent home to their country of origin and get in the back of the line. As a prosecutor, I believe we should enforce our laws and not give breaks to those who violate our rules."


Anonymous said...

He's not the only contender! Remember Dan Mielke is running, too and has more support per polls. In Sean we have just a corporate-sponsored lawyer (I checked the public records), just more of what we already have in DC!

Dan has a lot more in common with the people of the district; he's a farmer and businessman. Plus he doesn't try to paint himself as something he's not. How "independent" can someone (i.e. Sean) be who has funding from a SAUDI OIL lawyer!?

TCC said...


Dan's website

Anybody else in the 7th District of Wisconsin that should be included?

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that if you wrote a blog, you were bound to include everyone. Sounds like equal redistribution.

Mielke and his fake poll are laughable. There's a reason the Republican Party and organizers of Tea Parties are dropping him like a dirty habit. He's toxic.


Duffy's the best chance we've had in decades to knock off Obey.

TCC said...

Not under any obligation to include anybody, especially since I don't live in Wisconsin. But I don't mind hearing about other candidates, either. Especially those whose philosophy advances constitutional government.

However, I do appreciate rebuttals to comments and counter-rebuttals, etc.

Having said all that, Mr. Duffy still strikes me as the candidate with the mo.'

Anonymous said...

Sean Duffy is a joke.