The Fake Educators and the Illegal Visas

My mamacita sent me this Miami Herald article about a small foreign-language school whose administrators were running the mother of all visa scams.

The operators of the Florida Language School - Lydia Menocal and Ofelia Macia - convinced the INS to grant over 200 visas to foreign nationals who didn't bother to go to class, although they were "fraudently" enrolled as students in the school.

The 'students' hailed from Japan, Honduras, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Thailand, etc. A truly diverse bunch of con artists. As of now, immigration officials don't know why these 'students' were in the United States.

The Herald article reminds readers that one of the 9-11 terrorists (who was in the USA on a student visa) was also a no-show California language school enrollee. Shudder.

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