Tom Needs to Chill with the Dirty Jobs Guy

Guest blog from Howling Hurricane:

America's bridges are deteriorating, and we can't seem to build roads that don't get torn up in a couple of years. But New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is impressed with a high school student's "software navigation system that would enable spacecraft to more efficiently 'travel through the solar system.' "

Our big cities' infrastructure is crumbling, their schools are frequently failing, unemployment numbers are scary, and our national debt is mind-boggling. Yet Friedman touts the research of a 17-year-old who "used spectral analysis and other data to expose information about the chemical enrichment history of 'Andromeda Galaxy.' "

Because these students have names suggesting they are children of recent immigrants (for which he offers no evidence to support), Friedman justifies being a "pro-immigration fanatic." And he believes legal immigration is the key to keeping us "ahead of China." Mr. Friedman, how are we ahead of the Chinese? Who owes whom trillions of dollars? Who depends on whom for most of their manufactured goods (and now even food)? Who has more Chinese brain-power, the U.S. or China?

Don't get me wrong, Sir, I think students mastering tough material is a praisworthy accomplishment. They deserve credit. But the problems our country faces (many of which have been caused by faulty immigration policies) can be solved with good old-fashioned American ingenuity. Leave space travel to others; let's work on highway congestion.

Photo: Thomas Friedman thinking deep thoughts.

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