E-Verify Legislation in Michigan

(Another one of these ... yah!)

State Rep. Dave Agema, a Republican from Grandville and sometime consultant for the tool and die business, is the sponsor of HB 4355 - the Public Contract and Employment Eligibility Verification Act - which would require Michigan employers, with public contracts, to use an electronic verification system to verify that their workers are legit.

Says Rep. Agema: "The job market is very tight and could be getting tighter, so there's a lot of competition for the work that is available. Michigan needs to take steps to ensure that people here legally can feed their families and pay their bills."

Last year the bill passed through the committee process, but no date yet (C'mon, House Speaker Dillon. Get going.) for when it will be voted on by the Full House.

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Brittanicus said...

Splitting America Apart.

I agree with a system to import highly skilled workers, scientists, engineers and real PH.d. But we cannot afford to bring in to this country, those who end up on the bread line, expecting American taxpayers to cover their economic problems? The majority that have intentionally slipped through our laughable border defense, through airport control are here to take unfair advantage of Taxpayers. This is displayed negatively in states like New York, Arizona and the refuge illegal alien state of California. California has become a welcoming government welfare state for illegal single females with their infants and millions of others, have sponged off the citizens and legal residents for decades. The Golden State of California is in a state of near--BANKRUPTCY--with other states not far behind.

Behind closed doors away from prying eyes of the general public the cards are already stacked against us. As we have seen E-Verify nearly ended up on the funeral pyre, as with the police apprehension law 287(g). Ice raids have already slowed down and the No-Match letter to employers rescinded. Behind our backs Homeland Security Madam Napolitano has cut budgets for the fence and other needed enforcement. Probably to patronize Mexico whose majority of poor, uneducated population is moving here. If they add-FAMILY UNIFICATION-to the reform, the numbers of family members approval will reach at least 60 million more people to America? This will and and multiply in OVERPOPULATION GROWTH by 2040. Just look around you know at the overcrowded cities, collapsing infrastructure and diminishing livelihood resources? This is to deal with the illegal issue. Americans welcome everybody no matter the color of their skin if they do not violate immigration laws. THIS IS NOT A RACIST PROBLEM-ITS AN FINANCIAL ISSUE.

If the Fence had been built to the original specifications, with the wide space in between for agent reconnaissance, very few individuals or groups of illegal aliens, drug smugglers, traffickers, terrorists and other criminals would be caught. IN TRUTH THE ONLY LAW THAT WOULD STOP THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION FOR GOOD, IS MAKING ENTRY A FELONY?. NumbersUSA for the real truth.

The US government lied to us yet again. The fence that we see in video's is not the original construction designed by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) Initially his concept was a two-layer fence barrier, that had a no-mans-land in between. It gave the US Border Patrol vehicles rapid transit across the miles, of open desert. Like all forms of serious immigration enforcement it was underfunded by Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi and a whole bunch of corrupt politicians, on either side of the aisle. Its all to do with corporate welfare. From any distance all these immigration tools, are--ONLY SEEN TO WORK?

In truth these morons undermine, compromise any system that actually has a chance of functioning. Its has been a bargaining chip for Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez who mysteriously changed his mind for voting the President Obama health Care Reform, after the man in the White House committed himself to another illegal immigrant AMNESTY. If Amnesty passes the American taxpayer is going to be in a whole world of financial hurt. I am already paying my share for foreign wars and yet the IRS will extort money from Americans to support illegal immigrants? Remember today that illegal immigration rallies start, so help stop this travesty and contact your Washington Representative at 202-224-3121