RIP Rancher Krentz

In Arizona, Rob Krentz was found dead ("fatally shot") after giving an assist to an illegal. Mr. Krentz, age 58, lived on a working ranch along the southern border in Cochise County. He was married to Susan and was also the father of three children. His dog was found wounded at the scene of the crime.

Here's some of story. More here.

Tom Tancredo weighs in.

Expect deafening silence, on this tragedy, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, Media Matters for America, ACLU, MSM Teaparty bashers, and, last but not least, La Raza.

Update: More here.


Kenneth said...

I'll bet Mr. Krentz was a big-hearted, salt of the earth type. But, when you live in the invasion zone aiding the enemy is inherently risky.

TCC said...

Ken, that's what it sounds like - a true good Samaritan. Very sad for him and his family and our nation.