Investigation Details: Rancher Rob Krentz

Here's information, from the Cochise County Sheriff's office, about the ongoing investigation in the shooting death of Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz:

"On Saturday March 27, 2010 at approximately 6:20 pm the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office was advised of a possible missing person in a rural area northeast of Douglas. The missing person was reported to be working on his ranch which covers approximately 35,000 acres between Douglas and Apache.

The information received was from a brother of the missing subject advising that the two of them were working on their ranch early in the morning hours using separate vehicles. The brother advised that the two were operating off of hand held radio phones and between 10:00 and 10:30 he heard his brother, Robert Krentz, call him. The brother advised that all he was able to understand was 'illegal alien' and 'hurt'. The brother advised that Robert always helped people in need and this was not uncharacteristic for him to try and help someone who was hurt. The brother advised that he called Robert back to have him repeat the transmission without success. The brother advised that the two were scheduled to meet at a predetermined location on the ranch at 12:00 noon and Robert did not show up. The brother advised that he waited for awhile and continued to try and reach Robert without success, so he and other family members and friends began searching the ranch in the areas that the two were working. When the family and friends were unable to locate Robert they contacted the Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team deployed to the area with 6 mobile units and 2 all terrain vehicles, as well as air support assistance from the Department of Public Safety Ranger helicopter. Shortly before midnight the helicopter crew advised that they had located the missing subject who was deceased inside of his Polaris ATV and his dog was with him appeared to be injured.

Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives responded to the area and confirmed that Robert Krentz was deceased at the scene and his dog was critically injured.

The investigators tracked the Polaris path back approximately 1000 feet to where the incident began. Detectives were able to determine that Robert Krentz apparently came upon one subject in the area. While Robert Krentz was still in his vehicle he appeared to have been shot, along with his dog, when he drove his vehicle away from the scene at a high rate of speed before becoming unconscious.

Foot tracks at the scene were identified and followed south by Sheriff’s Deputies, trackers from U.S. Border Patrol, and Department of Corrections dog chase teams. All agencies, and air support from US Border Patrol were able to follow signs and tracks approximately twenty miles south to the United States/Mexico border. No suspects have been apprehended as of this time."

Photo: Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever

Update: Arizona Cattlemen's Association has set up the Robert Krentz Memorial Fund, and is also offering a $15,000 reward/arrest information. Go here.

'Nother Update: Governors of border states want more federal help; nobody's listening. Go here.

No unnecessary sensationalism, please. As I have stated I appreciate Brenda Walker's work, but her statement, about who murdered Mr. Krentz, is hasty at this point in an ongoing investigation.


Gary Baumgarten said...

Dustin Carnevale of FAIR will be my guest at 5:40 PM New York time today to talk about the murder of Robert Krentz on News Talk Online on the Paltalk News Network.

You're invited to ask him questions. Please go to www.joinchatnow.com to participate. There is no charge.

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TCC said...

Thanks, Gary.