Weasley Bart Stupak

The News Real blog reminds readers that Congresscritter Stupak was
going to vote all along for health care reform.

They link to this video from Cheboygan, Michigan.

Hmm, he, more or less, said the same thing in Petoskey at the event I attended and wrote about here.

On a sidebar note: Stupak is also Michael Moore's rep. Yup. That Michael Moore.

'Nother sidebar: Rep. Jason Murphey (R-Oklahoma) has a response to socialist-style federal health care schemes: The Tenth Amendment. Read his full statement here.

Update: Media Matters got a kick out of my calling B. Stupak "a cheap date."

'Nother Update: Legion members ain't buying what Madame Speaker is selling. (See comments.)

'Nother, nother update: This AOL writer says I accuse Congressman Stupak of being a "liar." Not true. That word is only used in the headline which I didn't write.

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