Saturday Sighting: Ballistic Protection Series

A not-too-recent Car and Driver piece notes that the base price for your very own armored vehicle is $150,000.

A tad pricey, but not a bad investment if you are visiting the southern border (or other war zones), or have to transport certain goods or offer certain services in rough neighborhoods, or are a very important person who wants to cruise around in style and needs protection.

This description, of the Lincoln Town Car BPS, is so whack and yet so fascinating: "The defensive modifications that go into the Town Car are extensive. Hidden steel plating and ceramic-aramid plating surround the passenger compartment behind the standard sheetmetal. Since most shots are taken at visible targets, the BPS car's glass is nearly 1.6 inches thick, or 40 millimeters, quite a bit thicker than the 5mm glass in most regular cars. The floor of the car even gets an aramid mat beneath the carpet that offers some security from a grenade attack."

Grenade attack? Man.


Kenneth said...

Seems like a suitable ride for the New America.

I'd like to have one. Do you think they make a hybrid version? ;-)

TCC said...

Si! Mercedes has one - $255,000.


Ed said...

I could have used one of these when I was working for the Housing Authority. The South Hadley Police Station is the last building on the left before you cross the Connecticut River and go into the "Holyoke Flats" -- I always thought of it as "Checkpoint Charlie."

Anonymous said...

I doubt it would be legal, at least in the Brave New People's Republic of Taxachusetts (air pollution standards) but I particularly liked the Russian vehicle which included flame throwers off the sides....