Friday Fun: Faux Firefighter

This week's Public Safety Citizen Academy was all about firefighting. After a brief, informative lecture, my nine classmates and I got to don the heavy gear, break up in teams, and feel like we were in a fast-paced reality show. Call it Survivor Northern Michigan, and I probably should have been the first person voted off the island.

The best and most intense part was when we strapped on air packs and breathing masks and crawled into a dark basement to rescue a 165 lb. dummy. There was even fake smoke blowing.

We also got taken - one by one - up in the bucket truck, sixty feet into the air, overlooking the city marina. Finally, we smashed a door and pumped water from a giant hose. The latter was a blast. Get it?

In the photo: 'My' boots! To paraphrase that old song, "These boots are made for firefighting ..."

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