Dancing with Ideas: When Worlds Collide

I was in a whimsical frame of mind when I wrote my latest Belgrade News column.

Here's how it begins: "Last week was the a) premiere of Dancing With The Stars, season 13, featuring 12 celebrities vying for the mirror ball trophy, and also the b) Fox News/ Google GOP Republican debate, featuring nine presidential contenders vying to live in the White House.

I watched both and experienced overload.

Was it Chaz Bono who lobbied against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, or was it Rick Perry who fumbled during the tango?

Was it Nancy Grace who was concerned about nuclear weapons in Pakistan, or was it Michele Bachmann whose red dress was perfect for a samba?

Was it Rob Kardashian who critiqued class warfare, or was it Newt Gingrich who complained about the judges’ low scores for his lindy hop?

The head spins and then it pirouettes.

However, if I had to rate each political candidate’s debate performance like a ballroom dance routine … "

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