Friday Fun: BIGGBY Coffee

I was so pleased (still am!) when BIGGBY's opened a store less than a mile from my home. The industrious baristas who work there are a hoot. Hannah, in the second photo (who I call "Montana") is studying business at Lake Superior State University.

Perky Caitlin, in the third photo (on the left), is a glorious natural blonde who wants to go brunette. Go figure. Next to her is Travis who is Gaylord's best break dancer and is stoked about his new dojo.

BIGGBY's is a Michigan-based business. The Petoskey franchise is owned by Nick Spadafore.

Here's to "cool beans."


Lady Di said...

Hannah and Travis are former Gayord Biggby Baristas-LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for sharing, Barista Lady Di- Gaylord Biggby

TCC said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lady Di.

I'm just sorry I don't have more photos of more of the Petoskey crew - they are all terriff!

P.S. I like the Gaylord BIGGBY's, too!