Fri. Fun: Plymouth Colony's Unexpected Admirers

This type of message has been making the rounds at pro-amnesty demonstrations.

William Bradford, Priscilla Mullins, and John Alden as undocumented aliens? Yup. They've even been rehabilitated as noble illegals by shameless liberal hucksters (who typically prefer to ignore or denigrate the Pilgrims' contributions to the historical record).

Here's the Rev. Hurmon Hamilton, earlier this year: "When William Bradford and the Mayflower pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620, they did not bring any immigration papers. When John Winthrop arrived in 1630 with the next wave of New Englanders … they were not met with a wall built to keep them out. Just as undocumented immigrants from Europe in the person of John Winthrop and William Bradford and undocumented immigrants from Africa … helped to build the old America in the then-New World, undocumented immigrants today are needed to build a new America in this new global world, and we need to say yes to that.”


Kenneth said...

The American Indians had a very poor immigration policy and they paid a terrible price. They lost their homeland and their identity.

We, the descendants and beneficiaries of those who displaced the American Indians, now have a very poor immigration policy and are in the process of losing our homeland and our identity. We still have time to correct the situation, but not much time.

David Yeagley said...

As a Comanche Indian, let me be the first to welcome you to Indian Country. Your reservation is waiting.

Seriously, please do not make the mistake Indians made. A nation is not an experiment in multiculturalism. That's something else. Nationhood is a concept which cannot be altered for long.