Work of Art: Anderson Mobile Estates

There's no recession or economic turndown for the well-to-do folks that can afford these luxury trailers. Like Ashton.


Kenneth said...

Our overlords and those who provide entertainment (sports, music, TV, film) to keep the hoi polloi occupied certainly have amazing toys and perqs.

But, I'm not keeping up. I'd never heard of Ashton Kucher before. I doubt that I've suffered much as a consequence.

TCC said...

You never heard of Ash? He's Demi Moore's boy toy of a hubby.

Gotta admit Ashton's trailer is far more attractive than O's OrcWagon (as you put it).

TCC said...

PS These famous female cougars have an endless supply of these boy toys at their disposal.

Madonna's latest could be her son:


No 'romantic recession' for the rich and famous, as money can buy you love, contrary to what the Beatles sang.

Kenneth said...

Demi who? Just kidding, sort of. I know that she is starlet but I don't think I could pick her out of a photo array comprised of other starlets.

TCC said...

That's ok, Mr. R. You have better things to do with your time than looking at photos of Botox-enhanced women.