Karen K. Running for Congress in Virginia

If you are a regular (or, even, occasional) reader to Lew Rockwell's zine, you know that Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski (a Pentagon whistleblower) is a contributor to the current events site.

But did you know that Karen (pictured, right) is now running for Congress in Virginia's 6th district?

She is the GOP primary challenger to Congressman Bob Goodlatte who voted to raise the debt ceiling (but is strong on immigration enforcement).

Here's part of her platform:

· End unnecessary military occupations, close unneeded military bases, stop buying unneeded and expensive weapons systems from a bloated and non-competitive defense industry.

· Reduce government spending by first auditing, and soon, eliminating the Federal Reserve, as the lender of first and last resort for an undisciplined Congress.

· Eliminate duplicative and unconstitutional agencies, regulatory boards, departments and counterproductive programs across the federal government, sending the resources and authority to the states where they belong.

· Fight for and defend the Constitution and its first ten amendments from any infringement, no matter how slight, called for by any individual, organization, or governing body. Period.

· I will be a devoted and active member of the Liberty Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ron Paul's long lost daughter!

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Ed said...

One seat at a time, one seat at a time and there are only 435 of them...