A Thumbs-Up for Oin's Beard

From Joe Hession: "For those of you mildly interested, the team that brought us the Lord of the Rings movies (Sir Peter Jackson et. al.) are hard at work making a two- part adaption of The Hobbit, the first film being due out next year. If you've read the book, then you will probably appreciate the link below which shows all the dwarves as conceived by what has got to be one of the best design teams in the film business. If you don't like any spoilers or don't care, just ignore this. Otherwise, click away."

Behold, Thorin and Company ...

The blog.

Sidebar: The actor that loaned his talents to help create Gollum (and will be involved in the directing of The Hobbit) is in the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes sci-fi movie. A scene featuring the versatile Andy Serkis.

Update: Of tea parties and hobbits, a political cartoon.

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