Taking on Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Investigative journalist Radley Balko valiantly makes the case to abolish drunk driving laws. He correctly notes the cash cow that DUI's have become for the judicial system. Note: He does not support driving while drunk.

Here's his blog post on the topic, and the comments it generated.


Anonymous said...

I must say I agree completely with Mr. Balko. . . Two police officer friends of mine don't even like the law, because it takes a massive amount of effort which distracts them from doing other aspects of their job. They also have bonuses($$$) for cops who get a certain amount of DUIs, so the road's safety is no longer the goal.

However . . . thousands of people are affected by drunk driving accidents.... the people who cause them, the families of all involved, and those that die . . so while I agree that cops and road blocks waste hours and money, I do not disagree with the law . .

My own opinion is raise the BAC back to .10, which is what it was for years, and not have cops going crazy stopping people. Also, the time of which you are driving should matter. For someone at 3am and someone at 3pm, the penalty should be different. Why? because there are far less people driving at 3am then 3pm.

I also concur with Mr. Balko in that a distracted or tired driver is far more of a hazard than someone with a low BAC. There is no penalty for those that drive tired though.

TCC said...

Thanks for your input, GS. I agree with what you said about raising the BAC!