Of GLSEN, Wolves, & the DPRK

1. Predators and their enablers. GLSEN - the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network - has been awarded a generous grant ($285,000) from the federal government to set up "safe spaces" in public schools. CNSNews has the very disturbing story.

2. Predators and their enablers. Interesting article about Michigan's growing wolf population.

But this line from a state biologist Jennifer Kleitch is so PC: “The future for wolves in the northern Lower Peninsula is uncertain at this time,” she said. “Their future depends heavily on public acceptance and tolerance."

3. Predators and their enablers. The prolific writer Doug Bandow argues against giving government-funded food aid to North Korea. Instead he says that the Obama administration "should leave aid to private organizations. Any food assistance risks buttressing the regime."


Kenneth said...

More wolves, fewer people, better world. A society that has no love for wilderness and its creatures doesn't deserve to survive.

TCC said...

But what about the other meek animals the wolves snack on - like the deer and the cattle owned by ranchers (who usually are conservationists)?

Kenneth said...

Wolves and deer, they're made for each other. What the hunter's describe as a troubling thinning of the deer population is merely a population that is coming into balance with their natural predators. I suspect the hunter's object to having to compete with wolves because then they actually have to work at hunting. Seems only fair to me, the wolves have to work hard to get their food.