Sun. Inspiration: The Uncommon Mr. Dungy

Americans who follow football - and more than a few who don't - have heard of Tony Dungy, the Indianapolis Colts head coach who led his team to a Super Bowl in 2007. There was more than the usual hype surrounding this victory, because he was the first black coach to do so.

Dungy also has a reputation as an evangelical Christian who walks the walk. As a coach he was known for his calm, well-spoken manner - never swearing or yelling at players or stomping his feet at a referee or living a bling-filled life.

Sadly, he and his wife, Lauren, also endured a terrible tragedy in 2005 when James Dungy (the eldest son) committed suicide.

Talk about extreme ups and downs.

Tony Dungy is now retired from football. He spends his time helping charitable organizations, mentoring young men (like Michael Vick), sharing his testimony, and writing practical self-help books, like Uncommon, Finding Your Path to Significance.

I highly recommend his books for young people in need of moral guidance about relationships, faith, and character. They are easy to read (or to listen to), practical, wholesome, and well-written.


Anonymous said...

He manages to stay so humble through all of this . . . His story is great, and so are his books!
The "I Am Second" series is one worth watching on youtube.


TCC said...

I agree, Sparta. Thanks for commenting.