Calvin College is a Christian institution (in the Reform tradition) located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But it's no Liberty University or Patrick Henry College. One of school's history professors - Will Katerberg - is a self-styled authority on extremist movements.

Among his "recommended reading" list is the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center! Recommended, not as in 'beware of this snake-oil peddling outfit,' but, recommended, as in 'this is a legit., respectable organization.' Here's how it's described at the P.C.-C.C. website: "A civil rights organization that tracks hate groups and domestic terrorists across America and uses litigation, education and advocacy to oppose them. It regularly reports on individual groups and publishes surveys of hate and terror groups across the nation."

Civil Rights? Reports? Surveys? If only.

The latest antics of the $outhern Povery Law Center involve ardently defending illegal alien Jessica Colotl who was caught, by Georgia cops, driving without a license.

Prof. Katerberg, for the sake of your students and their parents, do your homework. This cartel of con artists deserves to be exposed not celebrated.

*what would John Calvin think

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