MoJo Deconstructs Kris Kobach

This Mother Jones profile of Attorney Kobach claims that NumbersUSA is "anti-immigrant;" that those who ascertain that individual states have a constitutional obligation to protect its residents are promoting an "unorthodox notion" of law; and that Kris is an "extremist on immigration" given his fanbase.

But, at least, Mr. Kobach was also positively described as "telegenic" (for sure), his academic creds are "stellar" (definitely), and his communication style is "measured" (indeed).

This part of the piece is worth repeating: "For his part, Kobach says he's simply learned from his regular adversaries, such as the ACLU and Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. 'They take the courts very seriously and recognize that the legal battles in the courtroom are every bit as important in political battles in Congress and in the state legislature,' he says."

Exactly the sort of lawyer that should be teaching immigration law to aspiring legal eagles.

The "ascendant" Kris Kobach on a missions trip in Uganda.

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