Boo: When 'Educators' Hate Rule of Law

Don't ya love it when one of those Marxist profs gets put in their place.

Dr. Sandra Soto's bio: "Her interdisciplinary research agenda draws on Chicana/o and Latina/o literary and cultural studies, queer theory, and gender studies to offer innovative approaches to the overdetermined terrain of social relations, cultural representation, and knowledge production. Her book Reading Chicana Like a Queer: The De-Mastery of Desire (University of Texas Press, 2010), replaces the race-based oppositional paradigm of Chicano literary studies with a less didactic, more flexible, framework geared for a queer analysis of the discursive relationship between racialization and sexuality."

No wonder the poor gal can't understand the straightforward text of SB 1070 after what she's been filling her head with ... egad.

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