Oklahoman Considers Vacationing in AZ

Charlie Meadows, iconic chair of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee and small business owner, made the following comments about SB 1070:

"The reaction across the nation by the liberals and the progressive Republicans, aided by the mainstream liberal media, has been an all out attack upon the citizens of Arizona and their duly elected officials. What is not being shown is the rock and bottle throwing, as well as near riots occurring, all initiated by the illegals and their supporters.

Folks, it shows what a serious problem we have created by allowing the massive flow of illegal aliens and how the leftists will use any kind of lie to intimidate the good people of Arizona. Boycotts, and any other means possible, are being called on to pressure Arizona officials to back off. If they do, Arizona will probably be lost much like California (however that is to be defined).

Arizona is a huge vacation destination. If Oklahoma decides not to do anything to put more pressure on illegals here, my wife and I have decided to cancel our staycation of traveling Route 66 in Oklahoma and go instead to Arizona, to the Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Sedonia area for vacation. I want to reward their courage, and I will contact their department of tourism, to let them know why we are coming to Arizona, as well as the department of tourism in Oklahoma to tell them why we decided not to vacation in Oklahoma. We should all call our state legislators and urge them to pass additional legislation to deal with the illegal alien problem here. Arizona needs for other states to step up to the plate and keep them from being isolated and the target of every liberal in the nation. If enough states will get tough of these illegal criminals, it will diffuse the ability of the liberals to punish a particular state."

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