In Lansing: American Worker Has Friends

I posted 4 mini videos, from yesterday's event held in Michigan's capital, here and here.

This is my first time (enthusiastically) using a Flip video camcorder; please excuse the unprofessionalism regarding the images (although the sound quality is just fine). The remarks by the 4 politicos on the videos - Rep. Kim Meltzer (in the photo who speaks about manufacturing), Rep. Eileen Kowall (who talked about student visas), County Commissoner Jim Runestad, and Michigan gubernatorial candidate Mike Bouchard - are unusually good.

Here's a report from the dino-media about the rally. I didn't see any "face off." In fact, I didn't even know the 'other side' was holding a press conference. There was more than 70 people at the Stop Amnesty rally - more like 150. The event was organized by Tamyra Murray who twitters and who participates in the Frankenmuth (MI) Teaparty.

Update: Detroit Freep has a story, also.

'Nother Update: I've added Rep. Dave Agema's talk to the YouTube channel. He was one of the organizers of the event.

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